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Print a life-size 3D model

Link to the "Clitoris" project page on the website of the Cité des sciences et de l'industrie (Paris). You will find free printable files, as well as some information about this project, which was carried out in February-April 2016.

See the clitoris from every angle

Link to an interactive html page allowing to visualize a 3D model of the clitoris and its bulbs. The model is captioned (in French) and can be rotated in all directions. Also available in English here.

Access to related pedagogical tools in French on

Link to the series of videos for which the 3D model was created. Each of them deals with a sex-related topic present in French biology curriculum (junior or high school) with a focus on respecting gender equality, taking into account diversity, and countering some of the misconceptions that fuel sexism.

Buy a 3D-printed model 

Link to the page of a Parisian workshop that sells the V2 model under ethical conditions (small margin, materials of biological origin, remuneration for my work). Shipping: worldwide.


Online slideshow

Link to a slideshow that presents the main anatomical information about the clitoris.

Image diaporama.PNG

TEDx talk - Paris 2018 

10 minutes to convey some key messages about the clitoris and why it's important to improve awareness and knowledge about it.

Talk TEDxParis 2018.PNG

Diagrams made available by the Bioscope of Geneva

Link to diagrams of the genitalia which give the clitoris its full place, highlight female-male homologies, and were designed following an egalitarian and inclusive logic.

3D presentation of the perineum

Link to a video which modeling of the clitoris remains perfectible, but that shows its insertion in the perineum, its neighborhood, and the bundles of muscles that cover it. Beyond that, this video explains very clearly the often misunderstood anatomy of the perineum.

Couv livre 2022.jpg

Lien vers le sommaire et l'introduction de ce livre co-écrit avec l'historienne Sylvie Chaperon. Fruit d'un véritable travail de recherche sur l'histoire de l'organe et scrupuleusement sourcé, il a vocation à constituer une référence.

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